Our latest promotion (click here) has gotten me thinking about how few people out there know the importance of proper lighting. Whatever type of event you are planning, lighting is a crucial element of decor.  More often then not, lighting is overlooked or even ignored.  People forget that the right type of lighting can set the overall mood or tone of the event, much like theatre lighting.  There’s a lot of lights out there to talk about, but today I’ll just talk about one.

Accent Lighting, also called Up Lighting, is a definite mood setter.  While not as flashy as other party lights, Up Lighting is a must have for any event (in my opinion).  These lights elegantly cover or “splash” walls, columns, or anything else worth highlighting with a color of your choice.  Up lights can pretty much turn a party into an upscale event.  A savvy DJ or lighting designer can tastefully compliment your event theme with as little as 8-12 lights in a medium sized room.

I highly recommend this to those of you who are planning a once in a lifetime event (weddings, debuts, quince’s, etc).

‘Till next time…